Re-envisioning Engagement and Action for Child & Community Health (R.E.A.C.H) Partnership

Since 2019, the StarLab has engaged in a partnership with the Durham County Women’s Commission ( to identify key well-being and health concerns of girls and women in the Durham community. Additionally, the REACH partnership is focused on developing a range of collaborative projects with community organization that use evidence-based science to improve the lives […]

Representations of Fatherhood: Roles, Awareness, & MEaning (ReFRAME Study)

Numerous scholars have discussed the multigenerational impacts of negative stereotypes and deficit perspectives regarding African American fathers. Still, outside of qualitative studies, very little research has examined how stereotype awareness shapes African American fathers’ parenting ideologies and practices. The current project has 2 primary aims: 1) refine a measure of race-specific fathering ideologies among a […]

Fathers and Mothers in the Lives of Youth (F.A.M.I.L.Y) Study

Investigation exploring African American fathers’ parenting practices and influences on adolescent development. The FAMILY project is a longitudinal survey-based study with father, adolescent, and mother reports. Brief Summary Research exploring the impact of fathers’ parenting practices during adolescence continues to lag in comparison to studies in infancy and childhood. This discrepancy is even greater with […]

Psychological Well-Being among African American Emerging Adults: Risk and Protective Factors

Emerging adulthood, defined as a distinct developmental period (18-25 years of age), has been characterized as a time of identity exploration and transition for many youth (Arnett, 2000). Using university and community-based samples, this investigation explores African American youths’ views about adult responsibilities, including familial responsibilities, perceived gender roles, beliefs about community involvement and career-related/educational […]

Understanding How Mothers and Fathers Negotiate Race-Related Discussions

Several models that address the development of African American youth have discussed the importance of parent socialization that prepares youth to cope with one’s status as a racial/ethnic minority and promotes pride in one’s racial group (Hughes et al., 2006). Studies have indicated that a sizeable number of African American parents report socializing their children […]